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Clear Projection Screens

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Choosing the Right Type of Screen

A good over-all home theater experience involves having a projector screen. Though it may not be the best system for a home theater experience.


It isn't easy to find information about the screens of various types of projector screens available in the market.


Here are some common projector screens: white and gray screens, reflective screens, and whiteboards. Below are some major characteristics of the common types of screens you will discover. This should help you decide on what is best for you. Although it is true that any blank spot on the wall can act as a projection screen, this is not the best option to take.


Transparent clear projection screens come with certain specifications. Their applicability depends on the nature of the use of the projector and screen.


One of the most important feature of the projector screen is contrast. What you are looking for is a high contrast screen for multi-purpose projectors. With high-contrast screens, it is easier to see and distinguish the darker colors that are being projected. Because of this, the viewer can also experience sharper color separation. This also reduces blurs, rainbows, and screen doors or pixelation (where an image appears as if it were a screen door.)


Where the color and separation of an image remains fixed for a duration on the screen, low-level contrast screens are good enough. This is ideal for viewing images in a wider area, allowing them to be displayed clearly. This type of projector screen displays edges of static images clearly without blurs or distortions. Learn more about projection screen at .


If you have a whiteboard, it can also function as a projector screen. The characteristics of whiteboards are now being enhanced to serve as projector screens for presentations. We now have smart, interactive whiteboards which has the ability to interact with a computer-based presentation. Though not primarily suited for home theater viewing, the whiteboard is a very powerful business tool as a programmable piece of hardware.


Paint can function as a good projector screen for homes. Paint has its obvious advantages, though not everyone might find it exciting. One of its advantages is that it will not tear and is easy to clean. All you have to do is paint your wall with highly reflective paint and you have an instant projection screen. It is important to note that your wall must be painted white, in order for the projection screen to be painted over it. You might find difficulty painting a projection screen on a wall with dark color.


It is easy to understand why a lot of people choose paint for their projector screens at because it is a lot cheaper and easier to maintain.